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Youth Enrichment Bible Study

To create a fun and enjoyable learning environment for all students, while building a relationship with God vertically and horizontally by studying.

Women’s Missionary Society

We are committed to support the mission of the church. We are challenged to help one another grow in Faith to God’s plan for the church, the community, and the world. We will embrace the Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) encouraging them to join the WMS and embrace Mission Work.

Sound Ministry

To enhance the Worship Experience with Technology to support Kingdom Building. To have recorded service available to share with members as requested

Pastor’s Aide

To provide support to the Pastoral team. To make sure that the Pastor and his family are served with the respect that is deserving of the First Family of our church.

Married Couple Ministry

To provide an opportunity for couples of all ages to meet, fellowship, get to know each other, and to discuss the meaning and purpose of marriage from a Biblical perspective

Health Care Ministry

To provide comfort to members and visitors during the Worship Experience, funerals, and special event.

Young People and Children’s Division

To implement mission programs and activities in local communities to fulfill the purpose of the organization, by providing training ground for later Christian Service to the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Stewardess Ministry

To assist the stewards in the discharge of their duties relative to the rituals of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Senior Ministry

To create and provide a loving environment that will spiritually enrich our lives and the lives of others as we address the concerns of Senior Adults

Music and Christian Arts Ministry

To help establish an atmosphere that is conducive to worship that will enable the presence of God to move freely among the congregation, and allow the body of believers to experience Christ on a personal level.

Lay Organization Ministry

The teaching and training entity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. All persons other than Ordained Ministers are a part of Lay

Harvest Is Plentiful Ministry

To provide a meal to those who are recovering, or who may be temporarily unable to prepare or themselves.

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